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Pushing the boundaries in natural flavors and health boosting components.


People are looking for beverages that are innovative and have superior taste quality. Whether for enjoyment, refreshment, satiety, energy, immunity boosting, sleep aid or other functional benefits. As taste and health benefits are personal, people are looking for solutions that tailor their needs for more flavor choice and natural ingredients.

The current solutions offered by the beverage industry are too limited. The non-alcoholic drink market is growing fast, but adult non-alcoholic alternatives to wine, beer, spirits are sparse. 

Markets have become fragmented and food companies seek solutions to cater small batches of food and drink products, without the need to purchase large quantities. Small batches of seasonal, local, new botanicals natural flavors are hard to find on the market.



  • A process to instantly extract the natural flavor and bio-active components from botanicals, fruits and vegetables, without heating, keeping all the good from the fresh products.

  • A process that can tailor for one person or a large target group.

  • A process capable of upgrading side-streams into premium drinks.


The process is applied by third parties. SIIQOIA Labs assists to apply the right process parameters tailored to the clients’ request. We do not act as an ingredient or flavor supplier. We help in the product development using our patented technologies and license the right to use the technology. 


Market Opportunities

The global non-alcoholic beverage market is recording a CAGR of 4.7% during 2018-2023. It is estimated to generate a revenue of USD 1189.10 billion in 2023.

Our technologies

Natural flavor extraction

Introducing the technology of natural flavoring

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