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Sympli Good Food (SGF)  is a plant-based food and alternative proteins company, known under the brand RadicL®


Increasing consciousness about personal health and shift in dietary preferences towards plant-based diet are expected to propel the meat and dairy substitutes market over the upcoming period. But the current alternatives are not in line with what consumers are looking for: tasty, healthy and clean label.


  • The current alternatives are mostly not clean labels. They include a lot of processing, addition of E-numbers, GMO.

  • The current alternatives contain high levels of fat, sugar

  • The current alternative are high processed.

  • The majority of this market is based on soybean, but consumers question soy based products having anti-nutritional components such as Kunitz STI trypsin.



At Sympli Good Food (SGF) we believe there is a great opportunity towards low processed vegetables and fruits as meat and dairy replacers. Consumers are aware that vegetables and fruits are healthy, but the current vegetables don’t approach the convenience nor the taste of meat or dairy products. By combining the flavor insights and classic breeding (no GMO or CRISPR) SGF created a range of new vegetables with European plant-breeders rights to replace meat and dairy with tasty, clean label, 100% plant-based ingredients, improving digestion and health.




  • RadicL® burger: A 100% vegetable-based meat alternative

  • RadicaL® sweet chili sauce. A 100% plant-based sweet chili sauces without added sugar

  • Vegan fresh cream cheese. A 100% plant-based dairy replacer: commercialization through IP licensing. 

Our  products are 100% vegetable and based on proprietary vegetable and fruit varieties bred for flavor. Our burger is the meat alternative highest in vegetable content and highest in micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. Clean-label, no additives. minimal processing to provide all the goodness of mother nature. no added fat or sugar, no allergens, no GMO, no pesticides. Extra botanicals for better digestion and increased health benefits.


How do we achieve this? Our new plant varieties are developed with the end goal clearly in mind. This means that the flavor, texture and other properties are clearly defined in advance. Why is this important? This holistic view allows minimal processing and eliminates the addition of any additives. Just mixing and heating the vegetables creates the end product.

Market Opportunities

Meat replacers: EU market size = +€800M in 2019 (CAGR of 7.%)

Hot sauces: Global market size chili sauces = €4B in 2019

Plant-based cheese: Global market size dairy alternatives = €2.5B in 2019 (CAGR of 7.6%)

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