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Personalized drinks, instantly!


Our vision 

To become the Instagram for drinks. 

A simple, fun & creative way to create, edit & share awesome drinks with friends & family. 


MIX.LY replaces boring standard cocktails & mocktails with exciting low alcoholic or non-alcoholic, healthy or mind blowing drinks. We revolutionize the way how drinks are being created, prepared and served.


Our mission

To empower people to infuse creativity in drinks by AI & robotics. showcases the Foodpairing personalization technology.


How does it work?

Create your flavorID on an iPad to indicate what you prefer the most in a drink. The AI-powered algorithm creates a fully novel recipe and sends it to the robot. The new mix is ready in 2 seconds. Take your drink and finish it with exciting toppings. A photo booth with a trendy background is available for the perfect social media post. Share your drink with the world and enjoy your very own personalised drink!

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