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Introduction to High Pressure Processing & Natural Flavor Extraction

HPP High Pressure Processing (HPP) is a cold pasteurization technique which consists of subjecting food, previously sealed in flexible and water-resistant packaging, to a high level of hydrostatic pressure (pressure transmitted by water) up to 600 MPa / 87,000 psi for a few seconds to a few minutes.


It is the same effect as subjecting the food to an ocean depth of 60 km - if an ocean this deep existed. 

How does it work

High Pressure Processing is a natural, environmentally friendly process that respects the ingredients and helps maintain the fresh food characteristics such as flavour and nutrients. It is a real alternative to traditional thermal and chemical treatments. Since 2000, High Pressure Processing has been successfully implemented in all types of food industries worldwide.


High Pressure Processing is thus known for its application in pasteurisation, but it was novel that the technology could also be used for flavor extraction / impregnation.

The SIIQOIA team invented this new application and patented the technology.

International Patent No. PCT/EP2011/051722 (granted in Europe: BE, UK, NL, FR, DE, CH, Australia, Japan, Russia).

The process works as follows; a solid, eg. a piece of cucumber is added to liquid (water). The objective is to transfer the flavor from the cucumber to the liquid via pressure

Other examples: vegetables can be impregnated with other flavors by adding fruits like apple to cucumber, the process can make cucumber taste like apple.

Application areas

Flavored water or dairy

Water naturally flavored with ginger, thyme, lemon or milk flavored with strawberry. In the case of the latter all the flavor and color of the fruit migrates to the milk. 

Transfer more flavor with this process than with any other.

No added sugars needed. 

Strawberry Shake
Image by Melissa Walker Horn

Premium cold brew


Opportunity to create a range of premium cold brew coffee with many natural flavors, such as hibiscus flavored coffee. 

No added sugars needed. 


Additional health benefits from green coffee & tea as heat is not reducing bio-active components. 

Increased extraction yields (15 to 27%).

Cold extraction bouillon

Opening a whole new range of pure and natural bouillons. Increased health benefits, no heat applied.

Perfect technology for plant-based bouillons.


Non-alcoholic wine

Imitate the flavor profile of wine starting from water, natural ingredients and ageing.

No dealcoholization of wine neccessary.

Upgrade food products

Impregnate food products such as fish, shellfish and other foods with other flavors (eg. bouillons) to enhance and increase palatability.


Imagine an oyster impregnated with fruit flavor. 



Consumer benefits

Increased taste - Enhanced, rich flavors, round mouthfeel, softer & thus less harsh taste


Increased naturalness - Flavor extraction is closer to the real experience

Increased intensity - More intense than any other flavor extraction procedure

Increased health - Healthier flavors, 100% natural 

Strategic benefits

Achieving superiority in flavor

Decreasing flavor house dependency

Possibility to provide a competitive advantage / differentiator

Create ultra premium flavors which are difficult to produce

Production benefits


More flexibility in access to new flavors

Use waste side streams to create high value flavors

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